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Here at Indflick we want your movie to be seen. Because at the end of the day it’s all about entertainment.


Most frequent questions and answers

We work closely with film distributors around the world, big and small. Starting from our own platform currently in development to giants like Amazon Prime.

We take absolutely zero cost upfront and work on a percentage deal basis, meaning when your film makes money, we make money and you make money.

  • You must be the sole copyright / rights owner in the territory you plan your film to be released. 
  • Film has to be in English language or have English subtitles.
  • Film has to be at least 90 minutes long.

It’s very simple. Send us a trailer to your film and if we think this is something for us our acquisition team will be in touch with you shortly. 

Please send a link to the trailer to: distribution@indflick.com with Film Trailer in the subject line.

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